Health Work Group


Susan Corrice

Focus Topics – Access to Health Care

The Health Work Group is working on strategies to improve child obesity rates, Lyme Disease Prevention, improve childhood immunization rates, increase physical activity access through the Pedestrian/Bike Summit, and improve awareness of the importance of physical and mental health in young children.

Some of our Current Strategies and Initiatives to Address the Indicators:

  • “Resource Guide” of Groton’s Early Childhood Programs and Support Services
  • Interactive, Online Bike Map of Groton
  • Cooking Matters Classes
  • Pedestrian/Bike Summit
  • Eat Fresh, Eat Local
  • Emergency Food gift cards and food deliveries during COVID




Indicator: Current Data on Births in Groton

Birth Data- 2008-2010 (DPH- Town of Groton-Birth Weight and Gestational Age by Mother’s Race and Ethnicity, Education and Age; Initiation and Adequacy of Prenatal Care; Smoking and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy; CT Residents Births, Birth to Teenagers, Low Birth weight Births and Prenatal Care Timing and Adequacy)

health group chart